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Project Idea: Power Busters Concept Logo 1 by DRYeisleyCreations Project Idea: Power Busters Concept Logo 1 by DRYeisleyCreations
A sort of pre-vizualization logo for my crazy Go-Busters series idea.

I thought about calling them simply the "Power Busters' To connect them fan wise to Power Rangers, but also pay homage to their original name 'Go-Busters'

The premise that I thought of for it right now is set it up similar to a Metal Heroes series, which means I do not plan to have any mecha/megazords in the series starting off, just the characters.
The Power Busters would defend their city from an evil computer hacker and his army of cyborg lackeys.
I haven't quite ironed out all the story ideas yet but I do have ideas who to get for extra characters to add to the team or use as villains.
Mind you most of my decisions are based on budget, aaaand the figures I already have. :lol:

The strange thing about though, whenever I go looking through the different figures to see what would make the best villains, I always come to Kamen Riders, particularly Ryuki and OOO's.
I do have a Fourze figure who I thought about using as a 'Power Rider' or a 4th member of the team.
Early on, I thought that I could use Kamen Rider Decade as the main villain, sort of like in this 'Energy Chasers' parody dub done back in 2014… and the fact that Decade is technically the leader of Shocker.
Winspector would also make a nice addition to the Power Busters line-up, based on aesthetics alone.

I know I'll probably receive a lot of flack for butchering the different characters I would use, but hey this is a fan adaption, and...power rangers butchers super sentai all the time. :lol:

If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to comment, and give your thoughts on this idea.
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February 26
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